Alaska's Golden Spoon - Heirloom Sourdough Starter
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Alaska's Golden Spoon - Heirloom Sourdough Starter

The story behind Alaska's Golden Spoon sourdough starter

Alaska's Golden Spoon Heirloom Sourdough Starter was an idea I had a few years ago. I wanted an easy way to share my starter, but it's often very hard to transport. The gases in the ferminenting yeast quickly build up and will explode!

Starters are often kept alive for decades. I decided to see if I could find out who had owned my starter. What I found was a treasure of stories.

No, it does not go back to the Klondike, as far as I can honestly document it. The history behind this Starter is much more interesting...and quite frankly exciting!

Dick Proenneke, a man made famous by his journals published in the book One Man's Wilderness, as well as the film, Alone in the Wilderness, brought this very sourdough starter with him as he began his life in the wilderness of Alaska. It fed him for over thirty years!

Who gave it to him, and who he later shared it with, are just a few of the fascinating threads I've been able to find in documenting the geneology of this Alaskan tradition.

Salmon barons, dog mushers, the mother of the Conservation Movement and many others have enjoyed the pleasures of this heirloom.

The spoons I have dipped into the starter come from a small family owned business in Texas. I really enjoy working with the folks from The Wooden Spoon Company.The recipe/rack card that makes up the packaging was designed and printed in Alaska. Though I could have gone Outside for less expensive labor and materials - I prefer to support my fellow Alaskans.

Enjoy the stories, get some real maple syrup, and follow the instructions for sourdough flapjacks.

Invite some friends and family over for breakfast and share some tales of your own life's adventure.

Join this Alaskan tradition; add your story to this one.

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