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 The following are a few sites I found especially helpful in exploring the world of sourdough. Keep checking back as I will be adding to and improving this list as time goes by!
 This site is absolutely the best! Lots of great information and videos that make baking with sourdough easy and exciting!
Sourdough International
Sourdoughs International is dedicated to promoting the resurgence of sourdough bread baking.

Sourdough Home
An Exploration of Sourdough

Care and Feeding of Sourdough
by Joe Jaworski

Dick Proenneke
Alone in the Wilderness: the story of Dick Proenneke, presented by Bob Swerer Productions

Follow The Last Great Race!
1049 miles across Alaska - how and why they do it!

Gary Paulsen's Official Website

Gary Paulsen enjoyed reading Lisa Frederic's book!

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