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Denali Park Place (Vacation Rental)

Alaskan vacation rental

Denali Park Place is a one bedroom apartment on the second floor overlooking a forest of black spruce, pierced by sky high mountains. Placed at the back of my 5 acre parcel of land, the setting is quite peaceful, though the sound of sled dogs howling is not unusual. Moose, caribou, snow shoe hare, and perhaps even a grizzly bear might get sighted from the array of windows. And if not, Denali National Park is quite close by.

 The eastern boundary to Denali National Park is just a mile to the north of us, the entrance to the park  just 8 scenic miles away. You can drive a private vehicle for the first 15 miles on the Park road that extends deep into the Alaskan wilderness. Several great, short hikes and breathtaking vistas can be enjoyed just in these first miles. You might even spot the wolves of the Mount Margaret pack or glimpse the Dall sheep that balance on the rocky slopes above the curves in the road.

 Travel past the Savage River is restricted to buses, but the system of tours and general transportation is a great one. If the wilderness is not a part of your normal life, than it will be when you visit us.

You will find all the fixings for sourdough hotcakes made from Alaska's Golden Spoon Heirloom starter in the refrigerator. And if it is blueberry season - pick some fresh fruit to top those cakes!

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